SCOOBY, My German Shepherd Puppy

by Mayur Mahindra Kedare

Scooby Drinking Milk

Scooby Drinking Milk

I live in southern India, when my father gave my younger brother his first GSD Puppy as a present it looked very active, cute and we loved him but the weather was too hot and it cried and barked to go to bathroom because it was cool there,

when we gave water in the bowl it drank and started to dig in the bowl so it wanted to get wet, we gave pedigree it only ate some of it , so we mixed butch and it came running towards the bowl as we were mixing the food it couldn?t wait it started to heel and bark and stood for 5 seconds , it liked milk and butch.

We didn?t know by what name should we call him he wanted our food and we fed to him as he liked any food we named him Scooby first we thought to call him Jimmy but it was our first Dogs name and we gave it to our neighbour ,but we won?t give Scooby to anyone. When we call him with his new name he won?t come but for food he comes uncalled he is a very fortunate Dog,

we used to cool him using cold water spray to keep him out of bathroom, and we decided to buy an AC before buying a Puppy and the second day he felt better he started playing with us he was one and half month old, his only problem was he did toilet everywhere in bedroom so we made his time table we are taking him to morning walk he followed us despite of other distraction he ran behind us and stopped us from running

the most favourite food of his is Butch we give with pedigree we took video of him playing with my brother and he licks gives Shakehand and he sleeps very much and now he is two months old he is very playful and sometimes bites and refuses to come out for walk with only one person but his all problems are solved,

he has grown so fast and he always jerks when he sleeps and is very alert and gets up when sudden noisy sound is heard he breathes very fast, and when he bit one boy he felts sorry for himself .He barked a street dog who came towards him now he would do anything for food that is why I named him SCOOBY after a cartoon character who likes Scooby snacks.

My Scooby doesn?t know pain I suppose, he does not fear he jumps from any height climbs staircase swiftly and is very playful I don?t know what miracles he would do when he grows up or after training but now he is great.

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