Senna Von Haus Cripambet

by Lauren Castellon
(Alexandria, VA, USA)

Senna, 5 months old, was born in the Andes Mountains of La Paz, Bolivia. My husband and I met him when he was 8 weeks old while traveling in South America and instantly fell in love! My husband has dreamed his whole life to have a German Shepherd Dog and I saw in his eye that this puppy was the one he saw in his dreams. Despite the difficulties and complications of international travel and clearing US Customs, we were determined to bring our young Senna to his new home in the United States. All our efforts succeeded and the flight back home took off. My husband and Senna then completed the last leg of the journey which was a long drive from Miami, FL to the Washington, D.C. area during a snow storm. He is a great companion to our other dog, Jenson, and the perfect addition to our family. He is so grateful and appreciative of his new home and is always a great helper. He has shared our laughter and kissed away tears and although we have only had him for a few months, we could not imagine life without him. He is currently working hard in his obedience classes and has aspirations to continue on to achieve the Canine Good Citizen title.

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