Shiloh my German Shepherd puppy

by victoria lopez
(puerto rico (anasco))

shiloh (a life saver)

shiloh (a life saver)

i have a 5 month old german shepherd female. i only had for about a week and she follows me everywhere, sleeps with me,and watchs t.v. with me.she is the sweetist dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!

about the 4 day i had her i was walking her and a boxer came and tryed to attack me she attacked him and they were fighting in the middle of the street. the owner of the boxer was laughing. i got the boxer off my dog and kicked him so hard he flew to his house.

in the end shiloh helped me and i helped her. if it was not for her i would have got attacked and i helped her ... so now she is about 8 months now we are closer then ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the foto is when she was 5 months old) i love german shepherd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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