How do you get rid of skunk odor
on a German Shepherd (or me)?

How do you get rid of skunk odor on a German Shepherd? What is the best method to use to do exactly this? I have heard of many different solutions to try to get rid of the skunk odor and would like to share those with you now - in case you ever need to use them in the future.

Tomato juice, Commercial skunk remover, toothpaste, vinegar, beer, a ladies douche, as well as a mixture of: Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda + liquid dish soap, among others.

I just became aware of one way to de-skunk your pet after watching an episode of "MythBusters" on the Discovery Channel. I'll share the best method confirmed by the hosts of the show with you below.

Here are the methods they tried and the results they received with each. The methods that did not work were: using Beer, or a douche. Methods that might work (but not really well) - using tomato juice. Methods that do work: Commercial skunk remover (but not as good as custom mix described below).

The best method that they tested: Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda + liquid dish soap! This hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap method was the best and most effective method and it works on people as well, according to Jamie and Adam, the hosts of the show. Here's exactly what you'll need in the event you or your dog gets sprayed with that awful skunk odor:

• 1 quart of unopened 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
• 1/4 cup (50 ml.) of Baking Soda
• 1 pair of plastic or latex gloves
• Large sponge

Mix all ingredients together in a larger bucket or pail of some type. This recipe can be doubled if needed for bigger breeds. Remember to use this mixture immediately after putting it together. (The mixture will fizz so be careful and don't let the dog drink any of it).

Be forewarned that this recipe may also cause bleaching, of both your clothes OR your dog. Lightened fur may also occur as a result of attempting to remove skunk odor with this mixture until the dog sheds this hair and new hair grows in. Please be careful especially when washing your dog's face since these ingredients may cause painful eye irritation.

Soak your dog's fur thoroughly with the mixture but be careful not to get any of it in your dogs eyes. it is a good idea to place protective ophthalmic ointment in the eyes.

Work this solution into the fur well and be sure to get every part of your dog wet with it. Leave it on for three to four minutes for best results. Using a sponge to clean around the dogs face, head and eyes is another good idea. Then rinse thoroughly. This may need to be repeated several times.

If you can, it is best to administer this treatment to your dog outside in an open area so it can be washed away afterward. If you can't do it outside due to adverse weather conditions, administering this in an area with a hard scape floor such as inside a basement with a cement floor is a good choice since the smell might possibly sink into any area with a fabric or carpeted floor and stay with you long after the treatment has been completed.

If your German Shepherds eyes are red, irritated or swollen in any way then he may have been sprayed directly in the face. Please contact your veterinarian about soothing eye drops to aid in your dogs eye problems as well as with any questions you may have about your dog and skunks in general - especially if the dog continues to vomit or remains nauseated after being sprayed.

I hope you'll never need to know how to do this, but in the awful event that you ever do need to remove skunk odor, at least now you'll have one well tested solution to use - that I hope you'll never need to use.

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