Smile, It's German Shepherd, Kodak

by Brittany Cole

German Shepherd Kodak

German Shepherd Kodak

This is my best friend Kodak. He is a 4 year old long haired german shepherd weighing in at 95lbs. He is truly mans best friend.

Kodak enjoys playing frisbee, swimming in a creek, running along side my bike, long walks and most of all his tennis ball. He is super smart which sometime causes him to get in trouble, like when he opens the bathroom door only when someone is in there haha.

I am so grateful to have Kodak in my life. He has all of the personality traits that a GSD is supposed to have. He is very loyal and loves to be by my side and will do anything to make me happy.

Kodak even gets protective if he thinks someone is going to hurt me, but calms down when I tell him it's okay. Everyone should be as privileged as i am to own a GSD!

Brittany Cole

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Brittany,

Your German Shepherd Kodak is so handsome. Thanks so much for sharing your story all about him with us. I love the pictures that you sent in.

I love the little bit about him opening the bathroom door. Our GSDs have been our shadows so long (even in the bathroom) that I hardly ever shut the door any more because I know they'll open it anyway. ;)

Kodak sounds like a great German Shepherd dog and I wish you loads of luck with him in the future. If you have a chance maybe send us some more pictures too! Thanks Brittany!

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Oct 10, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Kodak is a goodlooking Shepherd! Sounds like you both are happy to have each other, a match made in Heaven. German Shepherds are very loyal and very Protective.

We have so much joy and fun with our Beautiful Mia GSD but when she feels she needs to be Protective, boom that gear kicks in automatically. Take care of your boy and he will take care of You!!!

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