So lucky..... Our German Shepherd Puppy, Kane

by Lanny St John
(New York)

German Shepherd puppy Kane and friend

German Shepherd puppy Kane and friend

Loving dogs and puppies brings my family to this puppy Kane. My wife and I near the begining of the year search for a German Shepherd puppy. We had at the time a 5 month old lab/mix from SPCA and a almost 2 year old Australian Sheherd/Border collie from Adirondak Save A Stray.

My 3 sons were not aware we were going to get another puppy but we knew the time was right. We find a breeder and make our arrangements for the purchase of our puppy. We have great excitement because our hope was for a very special puppy. Indeed thats what we got.

Kane traveled with us to his knew home and upon arrival and the next three days fit in so nicely. Then it happend....on the begininng of the third morning he began to get sick...REALLY SICK. My wife was at work and we contacted each other to confirm I was going to the Vets with Kane within the hour.

The Veterinarian and Staff began to do the usual type Q@A to further find out that Kane was to stay their for further testing. I informed my wife and also the kids as I knew everyone was worried. Although it had only been three days...We knew how special Kane was and is.

After time had past throughout that day we get the "call". "Your puppy has PARVO". Flashing back the last three days and rehashing things with the Doctor we knew his appetite was not good and he seemed a little too laid back. The Doctor said he had this horrible sickness prior to us getting him.

So the first things myself and my youngest son do is hit the computers and research. My son looks at me and is teary eyed and says "Dad this is bad". I say "I know buddy". But we got to get through this. The Vet says to contact the breeder and we have to start the process letting all know who have puppies. We do that and begin our fight.

Kane had spent the next
2 weeks in isolation and IV treatments everyday. He continues to always vomit then to diarrhea for quite a few weeks. One of the many problems with parvo is puppies die. They get weak, dehydrate and die. Kane had other plans....And along with the WONDERFUL people at our Vets they did too.

We could not see him for two weeks. It got to the point that finally he wanted to drink on his own and then kibble.....We were so excited. We actually were at State Tournament for wrestling with two of our sons when we got the call about all things...He was eating a little.

Our already excited state went too more hope than we already had. Now when we look back 7 months ago and see what Kane has already become we our so THANKFUL. Thankful to the staff and the Doctors at Adirondak Hospital. Thankful to each of our family members.....and Thankful to Kane who wanted to fight and live.

I have had a good number of dogs and puppies... BUT none like him. Yes when he wakes me up EVERY morning between 1am and 2am to patrol in the front yard, or when a normal lawn cutting time takes 1 hour but when he's doing it with me takes 2 to 3 hours cuz of fetch, or when I am cutting wood and he has to take the end piece for me, or in the garage fixing the jeeps and he helps with tools, when he doesn't let our cats near me, or etc. etc. I could go on and on about the things he does. He is so loving and loyal...

Me personally have never seen a 9 month old puppy like him. The way I look at it is he wanted to be with us....So I more than want to be with him. My sons love all our dogs, but see that special way about Kane. He is what I hope all GSD owners get to experience. You can see that he always wants to please.....that he does. We love him!!!

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Oct 10, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

What a Handsome puppy Kane is and those big Beautiful ears! He looks a little like my Mia, the eyes and the outline and expression on his face.

What a story, Kane has a strong spirit in him to keep fighting and not give up. Just look at him now! Good Luck with Kane and God and his Angels are watching over him and keep him safe and healthy.

Take care of your boy and he will Always take care of his Family!!!

Oct 07, 2012
Great Story!
by: Mary

Kane looks a lot like our Zeus! I'm happy everything worked out! He sounds like a great dog! Zeus is only 10 weeks but just like you knew, I know he is going to be a great dog!


Oct 07, 2012
Good for pup and your family.
by: Anonymous

You gotta love em!!!! Great story. Hope he continues to do well.

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