Socialization vs. fully vaccinated.

by Kim

Hi, I have a 10 week pup. He's had 3 vaccinations. Due for his full-on parvo in three weeks, and then one waiting week.

Your article on socialization does not address this issue. My Vet highly recommends I wait until after his full-on parvo to begin bringing him off my property. At that point he will be 14 weeks.

I realize the importance of both, being fully vaccinated & beginning socialization as young as possible. What is your stance on this?

I am personally torn. I want to bring him to places like our local supermarket or Costco, or he can hear the strange noises, and see people, see the automatic doors and learn it's all ok.

I can wait on petco, petsmart or dog parks. Not big into dog parks anyway. On the other hand, Parvo is serious.

Although, he's been to the Vet's office and that would be the most likely place where he'd contract it in my opinion. thanks, Kim

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Kim, good question. Well, I do agree with your vet - meaning that you want to make sure that you don't get your puppy around other "strange/unfamiliar" animals until all the major vaccinations are complete.

But as far as socialization goes there are many ways to work around that. And by that I mean you can easily have your puppy socialize with other people and other places by taking him on rides, letting him meet people who come to your home, taking him to "safe" places such as your friends or families homes if they have no pets, or if they have healthy/disease free pets.

But otherwise, a few weeks when you're that close is not such a big deal - just go ahead and wait to be safe because, personally whenever I have a puppy that small (that is not completely up to date on all it's shots) I am overly sensitive to all the "what-if's" - what if that dog is sick, what if that guy has just petted a sick dog, what if....., what if..... so I am extremely careful about where I do and don't take my baby.

You can always protect your pet as you feel best - better safe than sorry I always say. So, just wait - and in the meantime you can start working on some great obedience training. And a few weeks will pass in a flash - then you can take him out and show him off wherever you want. Good luck!

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