Sorry, Sis, but my German Shepherd did drop it!

by Kathleen

My sister, her husband, and their daughter were visiting us along with their Yorkshire Terrier. My male German Shepherd was being extremely well behaved (as usual) and playing well in the house with the much smaller dog.

They were getting along so well, we decided to take them to the beach to let them run around. Well, I am not sure what my shepherd was thinking, but he decided to scoop up the terrier in his mouth. It completely disappeared in his mouth and my sister starting screaming over and over thinking that my dog had just eaten her dog!!

I ran over to my shepherd and said "Drop it!". He looked at me with an expression that said "Is there a problem?", and dropped the terrier (this is happening as my sister is still screaming in the background). My sister sees my shepherd drop her dog, is amazed that the terrier isn't already in my dog's stomach, and runs over to her dog.

As it turns out, the terrier is perfectly fine, just shaking like a leaf and soaking wet! If I only had a video camera! Years later, I find this pretty funny (and amazing that my shepherd could be so gentle with the whole terrier in his mouth). My sister, although, still doesn't find it quite as amusing!

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