Stinky Baby Boy :(

by Angie Peoples
(St Louis, MO )

My GSD male has just turned one year old on 1/1/2010 and we've notice that his fur has started to stink like (stinky feet smell).

He has not always smelled like this. what's up with this!

Total German Shepherd:

Dog love to roll in stuff that we believe to be stinky. It's just a doggie thing. That could be one possibility. Also, it might be ill (bad smell can often be an indicator of poor health), hormones (he is a "teenager/young adult" at this point) or he just plain needs a bath.

To cover all your bases, if I were you I would take your German Shepherd in for a check up to make sure that he is healthy. If everything goes well there then I would just give him a good bath.

There are loads of good shampoos on the market - maybe your vet or a groomer in your area can suggest one based on his coat and skin needs. Good luck!

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Feb 16, 2010
Stinky Baby Boy :(
by: Nick

The odor that causes feet to smell is the fungus / bacteria building up on them. These types of bacteria love dark moist places like sweaty feet inside a shoe.

If your dogs coat is starting to smell like feet, I would first give him a bath. After that make sure he is not in a location where his coat would be wet / damp all the time. As always he may have some sort of skin condition or infection, so CONSULT YOUR VET.

Normal smell of dog body oder is something along the lines of Fritos or Doritos not feet. Also, GSDs should not have baths frequently because it removes the protective oils from their coat / skin and causes skin dryness and irritation.

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