Teaching the GSD puppy to deficate while walking outside in the yard

We have an AKC registered (third generation removed from Austrian stock) GSD who is 14 weeks old (this is my third GSD and fourth purebred dog I've raised from a puppy since 1972).

We crate trained him immediately and he now doesn't urinate or defecate in the home or crate (when outside) but rather in a specific 6 feet by 20 feet stretch of land in our fenced back yard.

The issue is that when walking/playing with him in the park (min three 50 min periods a day) he will only urinate outside of the yard. He will hold defecation until returning to the yard.

We have kept him outside of the yard for periods as long as three hours (after him eating a full meal) and he still holds defecation until his return to the yard and then goes immedaitely to the aforementioned location.

I've never had this issue with the other pups I've raised. He is a smart and active pup otherwise with no ailments.

What do you recommend?
thanks, Mike McCarthy

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