That's my Baby German Shepherd!!!!

by Barb

I lost a GSD eight years ago, to a neighbor giving him poison and I have been praying for another GSD, preferably long coated.

Well, I answered an ad for a GSD, and here was the story that I got:

She came from a home that had (19) GSD's in a mobile home, and she (Baby) was more than likely low on the totem pole, of pack order.

These people were feeding (19) GSD’s one 20lb. bag of dog food, a week. They gave Baby to some other people “free”, to their best friend.

The people that were given Baby also had a Pitt, enough said, as my mind was really doing a number, on me, and they wanted $150.00 for Baby!

I did not know what to expect, basically a total disaster, when Baby got to me. I was excited with anticipation, at 6AM, and as I opened the door, I saw a beautiful long coated GSD, deep red coat, lighter face with innocence expression, with a black saddle, very nervous, and intimidated, to the max.

I choked up, and knew when I saw her eyes that she was my “Diamond in the Ruff”, at the present. She was looking at me, as to say: “Get me out of here, and away from these people.” I really need to be taken care of, and most of all loved!

I guided Baby to her crate, expressed my gratitude to the people, and excused them from my home, quickly. I then sat beside Baby crying and letting her smell my scent, as I stated that she would have a forever home, and that she was now safe, warm, secure.

No word was given when I asked about immunizations earlier, and as a retired Nurse, I give my own shots, except Rabies, per state law. I then let Baby rest with slowly feeding her properly, establishing her trust with humans, again. (I was told that she was afraid of men with beards.)

With time, I have been able to get her trust, groom her gradually with loving care. It’s just great to see her become herself with re-established confidence, and when it’s time to work or protect, my best friend is there, and she really is my prayer answered….My Diamond Baby!!

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Aug 16, 2011
by: Banshmansh

Ah, God will have a place for you dear.

Your a true loving person.
I have a GSD, Zeus whom I love dearly.

I have had shepherds for years, and as far as I am concerned theyre 100% better than people.
I had a terrible start to 2007. My Beloved Banshee was 13 and was given peace in JAn. 5 weeks later I was devestated to go through the same trauma by having to let Benny go. My Black long hair. He was 7 and had cancer. Benny passed on in MArch.
You will understand what I mean.
I got Zeus 3 days after loosing Benny.
To anyone reading this.
NO. NO. NO. Its not a case of Heard Heartedness, Disloyalty or anything else.

Shepherds are THE BEST

May 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I cried.

German Shepherd Training

May 16, 2011
by: ToffeeDan

You are the Diamond. Congratulations to both of you.

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