The first German Shepherd to be named China

by Frank David Ochieng
(Ahero, Kenya. Africa.)

Hi, I must say I love your site. This is where I hide when work gets too much or when I have extra time to feed my mind with good stuff and information.

I recently got myself a GSD, it was hard getting a name but after juggling with names like Prince, Morgan, Frank, etc...

I settled at China, and I sometimes make myself believe that He is the first Dog to be named China.

He likes the name and thats the best part. he is four months now but more active than his age.

I brought him home Ahero, Nyanza province of Kenya after travelling by road a journey of about 700KM from the capital city Nairobi where i bought him through a friend Chrisantus Owenje. He now joins Boss - my nine years old British Pit Bull (a very happy but angry beast).

Even at his age, China is ... that word... INTELLIGENT, fast, and extremely alert. I haven't managed to get a nice photo of him apart from those I take using my phone, I will make a point of taking good pictures but hope this will do for now.

Frank David Ochieng
Ahero, Kenya. Africa.

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Nov 24, 2009
by: Frank David

The distance between Nairobi and Kisumu is about 300km, but for China, and the way I felt , as we travelled, It sure looked like a thousand miles.

At every stop, id open up the box I put him to find out how he was doing. Each time I checked, he was calm and nonchalance, save for the occasional glances at me.

It is hard to believe that only 3 months down the line, he is now extremely super-active, alert, and playful, yet very obedient. he will sit when i shout SIT. Though sometimes he does it with a wine of defiance.

And when I shout GET BACK HERE, even if he was chasing after Trixy - my new kitten China and I rescued from the road during an evening walk, he would run back to me and immediately turn to keenly look at his target as though waiting for a go ahead to chase Trixy in play.

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