The Terrible Story of My German Shepherd Puppy Cloud

by Asad
(Raichur, India)

I wanted to write this story for a long time. It was either going to be a miracle story or a tragedy. It is unfortunately the latter.

I always wanted to own a dog and never could because I lived in a hostel. After many years of trying to get my own place I finally got my own house in my fourth year of medicine.

I was frantically researching breeds and information because I didnt want this to be an ill informed decision. One night my bike died and I ended up walking for 30 odd mins when I saw the most handsome dog I could remember for years. It was a heavy bone long coat German shepherd and I knew I wanted one.

After saving for what seemed like eternity I started searching and found a breeder. He seemed shifty and avoided me so I told him I would get the dog from a different source. That same morning he told me to come down and a puppy was ready. The puppy was huge but incredibly handsome and I loved him. I spent even more money than planned and got him to my home by renting a car.

Not two days passed since I got him that he developed diarrhoea. This soon progressed into Dysentry and was later diagnosed Parvo Virus. My attempts to contact the breeder ended in vain as he would give me half hearted answers and than switch off his phone.

Frankly I was only concerned with saving my puppy. I treated him aggressively because at home giving him I.V and taking care of secondary complications. Thankfully he survived and returned to normal for a few days.

His energy and diet were back and I was the happiest I could be. I live in a small village in India where there is no facility for veternarian hospitalisation.
I saved the dog thanks to my best friends dad who is a retired vet and my own efforts.

The bad news was his diarrhoea never recovered and he got intermittent dysentry. I took him to as many vets as I could but they had no interest in him. I gave what medication they prescribed but no improvement.

Finally one horrible night he had a rectum prolapse. He never got better. I tried so hard to save him. I asked the vet to suture him but they told he did not need it. They just repositioned it and it prolapsed in a few hours. The following days were nightmares for both me and my puppy.

It hurt me to see him hurt. When I finally got him sutured it was too late. He had developed necrosis and than a peritonitis. He died painfully. He survived all night struggling and in daytime I frantically searched for any way to save him, when I came home I just put him in my lap and told him that I loved him and I was sorry. He died in my lap and it hurt like hell.

I cant take any action against the breeder because of the attitude of the people here. No one would help me. I just hope he wont do this to others. He lied to me about the dogs vaccinations. Now am just here with a horrible story to share.

I never had any real memories of my dog. He came into my life on November 20; his illness started on November 23 and he died on January 4 after struggling. I just hope after reading this people would go and appreciate their dog. Give them love. I just wish I could have my puppy back because he got cheated out of his right to live just for a little bit of money.

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Jan 25, 2013
Very sad
by: Anonymous

what happened to you also happened to me about last month ago i had a very beautiful rottie/boerbull cross called montana who the breeder assured had been given all his vaccinations unfortunately he hadn't. my dog died a very horrible death and i wish that the guy had just told me the truth cause i could have vaccinated the dog myself.

people breeding dogs should be responsible enough to tell the truth about the vacinations that they give their pups so that the new owners can take the necessary actions. this is very unfair to the dogs' new owner and the puppy itself as well.

Oct 14, 2011
Cloud deserved better!
by: Kelsey

I found your page on accident, and your story nearly had me in tears. I lost a springer spaniel in his second year of life to parvo and its one of the worst feelings. I felt so helpless.

This is an example of irrasponcible breeders and the pathetic laws in some countries. I live in England and there would be a huge trial and a media uproar about the animals condition.
The fact that the vets didn't care sickens me.

Why work with animals if you don't care?
I have a german shepherd pup and another spirnger and they're my world. I know how you feel.

I just wish every country should become more aware about the suffering of animals.
Poor Cloud deserved better. :'(

Aug 15, 2011
by: Asad

Thanks for the comments. I now have two german shepherds. One named Diesel and one female named Yuffie. I was very scared to get them thinking I will get them sick. I used to clean my house like a mad person everyday even after Cloud died. Thankfully Diesel is now big and very sweet dog although he got horrible case of submissive/excited peeing. Yuffie is a very adorable and sweet dog. I love them both very much but every time I pass the place where Cloud is I always turn and my heart sheds a tear. I will always love him.

Jul 04, 2011
Keep your head up!
by: Ronald McCarty Sr.

Your story will open peoples eyes. God is God, regardless of who you call God. We all believe in a super power and Quantum Physics has something to say about life and death and moving on to a different parallel universe. In saying this your puppy belonged to God and he put you in position to care for one of his children. God planned the outcome and delegated you to tell this story painful as it may be.
In this case you were chose to warn us and you done well. Your puppy is fine. His spirit has moved on as will ours in the future. Someday you will be re-united with your puppy.
God bless you and your puppy.

Jul 03, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

These terrible things happen here in the states as well. Thank you for telling your story and I will give an extra hug all of my dogs tonight.

Jul 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

My first pup also got affected by parvovirus! Even i stay in India-Bangalore. My first pup-A fawn coloured Labrador! the same thing happened to me. The breeder said the vaccinations were done. By the time we knew about it, the pup died! :(

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