Tucson is a German Shepherd Strongman

by Janyse Madsen

Tucson likes to carry ‘sticks’ on our weekend hikes. Sticks this size sometimes whack us in the legs, but his ‘dog’ friends have learned to duck when he runs by!!!

So full of life, he loves every living thing especially kids: he can lick their faces so easily!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janyse Madsen

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Janyse,

What a great picture that is that you have sent in of your German Shepherd, Tucson! I love it. It reminds me so much of my matriarch GSD from years past, Cera.

She was never outside without something in her mouth and if we ever were in a wooded area she always managed to find the biggest downed branches on our walk and carry them about like they were twigs. Logs, branches, trees - you name it, she would carry it!

It's amazing how strong these dogs can be but on top of that, it takes a lot of precision and balance to manage these big sticks! It is definitely an inherent talent like catching a frisbee or a ball I think.

Anyway, you won't have an easy time misplacing him as long as he's carrying a log around will you? :) He is defintely all German Shepherd! And a keeper for sure! Continued success with your German Shepherd, Tucson! He's a great GSD!

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Oct 28, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Tucson is a Handsome boy. Sounds like he is a happy camper and a loving home. Take care of your boy and he will always be at your side!

Oct 12, 2012
Beautiful Dog; Inside and Out!
by: Marianne

I have had the pleasure of meeting Tuscan many times. He loves to greet me ASA I arrive in the driveway, and is excited to see me even before I have a chance to get out of my car! He is very loving and friendly to everyone he meets!

My husband, Bob plays "catch the stick" with him, and he never tires of running to catch the stick!
His little sister Tori is his best friend, and she is a cutie pie too. What a Dynamic Duo!

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