Unwanted German Shepherd

Hello, I would like to share a story of an UNWANTED German Shepherd puppy.

I am a proud owner of 2 GSD dogs whom I adopted through Humane Society 3 years ago (see their picture attached).

2 weeks ago I was in the front yard with my dogs when a van pulls up and drops off a skinny puppy, my dogs instantly on alert and it would have not been pretty if I was not in front with them. Driver of the van seeing that I was not running towards his drop off to save the puppy came out of the van and said: "I see you have German Shepherds and you seem to know how to handle them, do you want this one?"

I said "No" - two dogs, a husband, and a child, is more than enough on my plate not to mention full time job and sporting activities. "My next stop is dog shelter if you don't take her" came a reply...

I looked at the puppy, she had her ears already up and she had good eye contact although she was clearly scarred of me and 2 of my dogs looking down at her, I also noticed very dull fur color (sable), no shine and few bold spots visible ribs and a spine.

I had to say :" Fine, I will take her" I called few people who I thought would want a puppy, one even came out to look at her but all said no because of the condition the dog was in. Afraid I was going to get attached I frantically tried finding a home for the puppy, 2 days later she started getting along with my dogs, eating like a horse, and she was very attentive to a person who would be speaking at the time.

So 4 days later she became "Bailey" she also got a close inspection from me, she was infested with ticks and she had a bump in her hip which turned out to be a copper bee bee which was incrusted with fur, blood and skin... Bailey turned out to be one smart dog, she instantly knew to ask to go outside (2 weeks and no accidents in my kitchen is a GREAT sign for any puppy)

To my amazement it took me less than 10 min to teach her to sit to get a treat. About 1 day to get her to come to me when she is called (I think new name was the confusing part for her but now she clearly knows who Bailey is) and she will sit and wait for invite before walking through an open door whether it's in or out...

In 2 weeks this skinny, unwanted puppy stole our hearts and became priceless and most wanted dog.
Attached are pictures of my 2 dogs and sable puppy "Bailey".

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Nov 19, 2011
shepherds are the love of our lives
by: helen & kevin

my husband & i was given a shepherd because the owner had died

we were ready to put my other dog down i didnt think any other dog could ever take his place but when we were asked to take i wasnt so sure but we did.

i am so glad that we had the time with her she was the best thing that ever happened to us she was like a person she used to sit & almost talk to us she knew every move we were going to make

we miss her so very much i am really pining for her if there is a shepherd that is not wanted out there pls let us know we can give it so much love0 0451121790

Mar 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Bless you for saving this baby! I recently found 3 Shepherd pups abandoned and found 2 of them homes and kept one myself! Sometimes animals will FIND YOU! It's so great to hear how loved and well kept she is in her new family!

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Sep 17, 2010
you rock
by: Beautiful Joe's Guardian

good for you and your family it continues to amaze me that dogs are so forgiving to the human race and they teach me to try and do the same
your dogs look well loved and that is the key

Aug 30, 2010
Bailey is Beautiful
by: Anonymous

After reading the story, I was so angered how could people treat a puppy like that! I am so glad you were there at the right time and place and decided to help her. GOD BLESS YOU. She is really beautiful and you can see she is well treated and loved.

Your other GSD are equally as beautiful what a wonderful family congrats.

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