What is the temperament of Sable German Shepherds?

by Cathy
(North Carolina)

We have a 3 yr.old female Sable German Shepherd. She is loving with us but with strangers, she barks and runs.

She can be down-right mean to other dogs. She's stubborn.

I had someone tell me that Sables come from a white Shepherd parent and a Black Shepherd parent. That they are mean and aggressive.

We have had this dog since she was 12 weeks old. Recently we have added a new dog. They go from playing to she's attacking him.

The breeder we purchased the Shepherd from has recently gotten into a lot of trouble. The parent dogs weren't on site.

I grabbed the only puppy that didn't have any ticks. What is the temperament of Sables?

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Jul 13, 2011
Temperament of Sable GSD
by: Anonymous

We have a 2 year old female Sable and she is the most lovable laid back shepherd I have owned. She has excellent temperament. She will bark at anyone on the street, but her tail is wagging the entire time. Very loving dog.

Oct 27, 2010
by: Tosan

Sable is ONLY the colour of the coat and has NO relevance WHAT SO EVER in temperament of the dog. It's like saying, people with blue eyes have different personality than people with green eyes!

Besides, a litter can be consisted of all colours. That is to say, your sable GSD could have a black&tan and/or all black siblings. Furthermore, a sable is NOT bred by a white and black pair. White GSD is a relatively new development while sable GSDs have been around for decades.

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