Which sex of German Shepherd Dog is better for kids? Male or female?

by Kris

I have three children and I am looking to add a fourth. Our fourth child will be a GSD. My question is which sex interacts better with children?

When I was younger, my parents had a male GSD. When my oldest two children were younger, we had a female GSD. My children are 13 (boy), 10 (girl) and 1 (girl). All three children are pet lovers.

The oldest are very responsible. My main concern is the baby. She is very loving toward dogs. When she is around my brother's dog, she wants to lay on it. She cries when the dog finally has enough and walks away or if we pick her up and especially when we leave or my brother takes Trooper home.

My daughter is gentle but jealous. She doesn't want us petting 'her' dog. So, I want a dog that will be tolerant of her possessiveness. Once we introduce the dog, I will have to train my daughter right along with the dog and set boundaries for her. I want to be sure we bring the best possible match in for our family.

Please let me know if you have children and GSDs, which sex is the most patient, interactive, affectionate and tolerable of children. Sorry for the long post but I want to make sure I educate myself before I start looking at puppies. Thanks!!!

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