White spirit

by Jenny
(Whitchurch, shropshire,England)

I will never forget the morning I awoke to hear commotion from downstairs, I just knew TKY was up to no good.

I ran downstairs to see my 15mth old, long haired shepherd bitch trying to get over the baby gate that separated the lounge and kitchen. I then realized the back door was open.

She'd learned to open it herself!!!!!

I'd only just had the kitchen re-decorated after she had dug up most of the plants in the rain and brought them all into the kitchen, floor to ceiling was mud covered. So the unopened bottles of white spirit were in the shed, that the painters had left.

The night before it was gale force winds which blew open the shed door, and TKY after opening the back door went to the shed and carried the bottle of white spirit into the kitchen where she proceeded to chew it, drinking a lot of it I guessed, because the bottle was empty, she was slipping on the tiles extremely drunk!!!!!

This was at 8am, I couldn't believe it, she was covered in the stuff, I managed to make her drink milk, rang the vets, my mum, and carried her upstairs to the bath, bless her. I then rang my work and took the day off to sit with her until she sobered up...........

Bless Tky, she passed away this year a bonny 10yr old. I loved her to bits, but she did give me some scary moments.

I now have a 6mth old black shepherd pup, Kya who I know is going to give me lots of stories to tell....

Total German Shepherd:

Hey there, Jenny. It is good to hear from you all the way over in England. Thanks so much for taking the time to come here and sharing your German Shepherd Dog story with us!

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Apr 11, 2012
5years old now
by: kya's Mum jenny

Bless my girl, still comes to work with me everyday in a flower shop. Meeting and greeting customers, quite often they bring her treats, People she knows and remembers get the "i know you" bark, and "come here and stroke me".

She struggles with other dogs still, and wierd looking people. but then again dogs can smell "strangeness" on people, so that doesnt bother me.

% years old now and still a handle. i even met a dog whisperer, who at the moment has actually worked wonders with her, even in one day, turned out, dogs collars jingling past the shop, and that big german shepherd barking from the pub was stressing her out..

because all we did was say " quiet kya, go to you'r bed" not realising it was stressing her. well things have changed, even commands,and i can see a less stressed dog already! she is beautigull and so loving.. i wouldnt swap her for the world!!

Feb 26, 2010
The Black fox
by: kya's mum

kya is nearly 3 now!!! and oh my god has it been 3 yrs of madness i joined the german shepherd group because i couldnt understand why TKY my first shepherd was so good ( by 12months old she was obeying every command and learning agility....... her lefts from her rights. through tunnels, over jumps, seasaws, frame work- amazing)

kya is nearly 3, a complete madam- attitude teenager problem of which i have learned it seems to be trait with black shepherds.......... but with her, unlike Tky, she totally loves me and wouldnt be anywhere else but my side. the affection is overwelming, which makes up for the troublemaking.

She comes to work with me every day since she was 7wks old,, and is still learning how to be a shop dog. today we had a photo shoot for a portrait of her and i, for my mums mothers day pressie- and kya was an absolute professional, looked at the camera and posed.... brilliant..... she made me proud today.

i looked into rescue black shepherds and they all seem to be dumped between the ages of 12mths and 3yrs( BECAUSE THEY ARE NUTS) they just need a little bit more tlc than most!!

worth it tho, they are truly amazing creatures... just need to be understood!! my god daughter(age 6) calls her the black fox........... that sums her up quite well

Oct 28, 2007
silly puppy
by: Anonymous


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