Why does our 9 week old German Shepherd puppy whine/cry when we walk him anywhere?

by Diette
(Blanchard, Mich.)

We have recently bought a 7/8 week old GSD puppy,(he is now 9wks old) our 1st GSD. His name is Ace, but when we take him for walks, he will whine and cry and stay right under your feet.

Why is he doing this?, and is there anything we can do to stop this behavior?

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Jul 27, 2010
He has probably entered his fear/pain stage.
by: Kelly

Shepherd puppies go through a fear/pain stage. They are becoming more aware of there surroundings and because they are bred to be hyper sensitive for our protection, this period is just a little over-whelming that's all. This is the time to show your little one that you are his protector right now until he feels more comfortable in his little skin. Show him you're in charge and try not to allow random dogs and kids to just run up on him. Try not to force anything upon him at this stage- like people and rough housing. make sure your kids (if you're around some) know how to be gentle, yet firm. That's how they learn good behavior, by your example. Just take baby steps to build up the trust. A dog, especially a GSD will not respect you, if they don't trust you. Just be patient. Hope this helps....

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Feb 07, 2010
Us Too
by: Anonymous

My GSD is doing the exact same thing especially when we take a five minute rest in our walk which is not for us or for the other dogs but for our GSD pup. Our pup is from West German and Czech working bloodlines for the 5 generations.

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