Zohan Maccabee Canine Psychic Extreme

by Z
(Redlands CA)

Zohan is a 3 year old male GSD.. who I believe called to me while I was driving down the road near the animal shelter, I know this sounds crazy but ..here it goes, I was out and about one morning when a very distinct thought crossed my mind..GO TO ANIMAL SHELTER NOW HELP ME HELP ME THEY WANT TO KILL ME..

OK right I thought but as I drove by the shelter the feeling and thought came again. I parked and went in and asked to see animals, as I walked out into the dog courtyard and the moment I saw Zohan, he looked at me and started barking, his eyes danced with delight and I just knew it was him!!!

They took him out and said that he had been hit by a car and was found on such and such street, Oh yeah the street just happens to be not far from my home!! They had kept in with vet for about 2 weeks before bringing him back to shelter and supervisor was going to put him down as he thought he was non adoptable due to condition, meds, etc..

I knew he needed to be with me so I adopted him..after neutering was done I brought him back for well check and he had complications, 400 dollars later and another surgery within 2 days of original, he is good. He is very skinny, ribs showing etc.. so I began my mission to fatten him up, homemade chicken and rice and carrot meals, beef, beef and more beef, steaks, rice, noodles, etc with vitamins etc.. he has gained weight, hair growing back, he is a real looker!!

He does have severe separation anxiety but wouldn't you too if you had just gone thru hell and someone saved you??? He still needs work with getting along with my other dogs, but hey, I don't like everyone I meet either sometimes!!!

He looks at me with such love, my ex husband didn't look at me that way when we got married, and I feel good, Coincidence?? Me thinks not...Zohan Maccabee..the awesome pics later when he looks great...Thank you G-d

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