1 ear dropped on GSD

by Harry Vysekal

Hello I just want to ask I got 7 weeks old GSD - he has both ears up but now he have only one up and the left one is dropped dont know what to do..??

Total German Shepherd:

Don't worry - this is entirely normal. Your GSD is just a baby so it still has a long time for the ears to develop.

And don't be surprised later on when they're both up one day, the next day one is down, the next day the other is down, the next day both might be down, the next day one might be up all the way, the next day the other will be all the way up, etc., etc.

Especially while they're teething, you'll see all sorts of crazy ear formations - it's just part of the developing German Shepherd puppy's anatomy. And they're all quite normal. But if they're not both up by around 5 months or so, then you might need to start being a little concerned.

Time hasn't run out yet, but the older a GSD puppy gets, especially after it's about 6 months of age, the less chance the ears will stand on their own. And in some GSDs the ears were never meant to stand anyway due to genetics and other extenuating circumstances. That's just the way it is.

But at 7 weeks, don't sweat about it right now. You've got a lot of more important things to consider like vaccinations, teething and potty training. Good luck with your German Shepherd puppy.

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