Does Your Dog Need Dog Food Supplements

Have you ever really thought about dog food supplements or your own dogs diet? Preventing diseases like diabetes and cancer and maintaining the health of your German Shepherd Dog cannot be overstated.

Proper nutrition is paramount and should be the ultimate concern and the most important factor whenever you choose a dog food for your own GSD.

It is a shame that in the most technologically advanced time ever that we have some of the most poor quality dog foods of all times - remember the devastating pet food recalls of just a year or so ago? Simply terrible!

And to top it off dogs are dying younger and younger and are developing serious illnesses like diabetes, kidney failure and cancer at an increasingly alarming rate. And why, you may ask, is this happening? I can tell you what I think and I believe it to be true - poor diet is linked to most ALL common dog and cat diseases.

Here are just a few - things like allergies, arthritis, dental disease, kidney failure, urinary infections and crystals, hyperthyroidism, chronic vomiting and diarrhea, immune disorders, diabetes and pancreatitis, seizures, dog liver disease and cancer.

And I firmly believe it is because of all the unnatural things manufacturers add to their own dog food products. Here is a list of a just a few of the additives that can be found in commercial dog and cat foods today:

Common Dog Food Additives

Anticaking agents
Antimicrobial agents
Coloring agents
Curing agents
Drying agents
Firming agents
Flavor enhancers
Flavoring agents
Flour treating agents
Formulation aids

Leavening agents

Nonnutritive sweeteners
Nutritive sweeteners
Oxidizing and reducing agents
pH control agents
Processing aids
Solvents, vehicles
Stabilizers, thickeners
Surface active agents
Surface finishing agents

There are many things you can do to help your dog concerning its diet and health. Here are just a few:

• make some of your pet's food at home

• feed your dog some raw foods once or twice a week

• when choosing dry dog food (kibble), only select the best quality premium dog food that you can afford - preferably without any of the chemicals above included in it

• add a quality daily supplement to your dogs diet to provide them with all the vitamins and minerals their body needs to function properly.

It's a shame but even if you are feeding your German Shepherd Dog a good quality dry dog food you still need to provide your GSD with dog food supplements. Why? Just like with human foods, we never get all the nutrients we need in our foods causing us to take supplements - so dogs need to get all the nutrients they need too which are not included in their dog food.

Some dog foods are much better than others on the market but none are truly perfect and offer your dog everything they need. It's a shame that so many dog foods found on the market today are simply garbage. Without adding supplements to your dog's diet, it's sad but true that, you may be slowly killing your dog.

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