German Shepherd Exercise Requirements

by Mary Baker
(Clinton Ia)

how much exercise does an 11 month old GSD require?

Total German Shepherd:

What a great question. You have quite a little potential athlete there! Think about it from this angle for one thing, age wise your GSD puppy is about 13 years old in human years now. And just how athletic and active can a healthy 13 year old child be in most cases - well, not the ones attached to their cell phones or video games anyway! :)

But seriously, in answer to your question, after having your pet checked out by a vet first before starting any exercise regime (just to make sure that they are in good health completely), they can handle a lot!

So I would get a clear health check up first and then start them out slow, just like any other athlete in training. You don't want to start full out right from the beginning (eventhough the dog might want you to think its up for it) because dogs can pull muscles and tendons, and break bones and do all the same stuff as humans who overdo it by doing too much too soon when exercising too.

And then I would start slow and build up from there. And if you're an athlete yourself, such as a runner, then what better running partner could you ask for?

But since German Shepherds are so versatile you could do many different sports with them or maybe you could participate in various dog sports with your GSD such as frisbee, GSD agility, dock dogs, etc. You have a lot of variety in what you can do - just do overdo it on such a young, developing German Shepherd puppy. Give her/him time to completely mature before you hit it hardcore.

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