Plush Coat German Shepherd

Do you know what a Plush coat German Shepherd is? Have you ever heard the term before - Plush coated German Shepherd? In case you have no idea exactly what this means I'll do my best here to turn a rather ambiguous term into an easier to understand concept.

As we've discussed before in this site German Shepherd Dogs basically come in 3 coat lengths which are:Standard, Plush and Coated. So what does that mean? How can you know what coat your GSD is wearing?

All righty then.... to make it even easier I'll add pictures below too to further illustrate the points discussed here. So first let's talk about the standard coat. This is the coat most German Shepherds are dressed in.

Standard Flat Coated GSD

Standard coated GSDs have short-coats, which lie very close to the dogs body. These German Shepherds usually have less undercoat too. So, maybe this will help if you were to think of it this way - standard coated German Shepherds wear their fur closely to their bodies - kind of like a military soldier who wears their hair cut close to their skull.

Coated GSD - Long Coated GSD

Now coated GSDs are very different. Coated German Shepherds are also called long coated German Shepherds. As their description suggests these GSDs have a much longer coat with longer fur around their ears, behind the backs of their legs and on their chest and tail. These long feathers (aka: feathering) are very beautiful and make the dogs look almost "collie-like" somewhat - speaking of coat only.

Plush Coated German Shepherd

But what are the plush coat German Shepherds you ask? Well, when speaking of coat basically they're kind of in-between the standard coated GSDs and the Coated German Shepherds - but they are closer overall to the standard coat dogs. Plush coated GSDs do not have feathering of any type.

The plush coat German Shepherds have a much longer length of hair compared to the standard coated dogs and a much fuller undercoat too. Their fur is thicker, fuller and just longer overall than a standard coated GSD - and it is very obvious to the the touch and to the eye as well.

But to make it even easier I'll illustrate with a few pictures here to make the point a bit easier to understand. So, I hope these descriptions and pictures will help you to better understand the difference between standard, coated and plush coated German Shepherds. 

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