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A Brief GSD History, Since the Beginning in 1899

Read a brief GSD history covering many points about the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Puppy Information - German Shepherd Dog puppies

Read all about the German Shepherd puppy in our complete information guide.

The Best GSD FAQ - German Shepherd FAQ

GSD FAQ : German Shepherd Frequently Asked Questions

German Shepherd Health - A Very Important Topic

German Shepherd health information is an important thing to become familiar with in the event that your dog ever becomes ill or injured.

German Shepherd Coat Colors - Genetics and Heredity

German Shepherd coat colors should be at the bottom of the list of all things to consider in a GSD.

Grooming the GSD: German Shepherd Grooming Tips and Secrets

Grooming the GSD: German Shepherd's DO shed... A LOT.

Total German Shepherd Blog

We offer the best German Shepherd information possible. For more articles, news and GSD resources, please feel free to visit us at: www.total-german-shepherd.com

GSD Newsletter: Covering All Aspects of the Total German Shepherd

Welcome to our GSD Newsletter: Covering All Aspects of the Total German Shepherd

German Shepherd bag - German Shepherd handbag - Ardleigh Elliott dog-themed tote

This Ardleigh Elliott German Shepherd bag features a large image of the breed of your choice accented by real leather trim and handles. 16 different breeds total to choose from.

GSD Collectibles - German Shepherd Figurines, Jewelry, Plates and More

GSD Collectibles - German Shepherd Figurines, Jewelry, Plates and More

Quality GSD products for your own German Shepherd Dog or GSD lover

Here you'll find quality GSD products, specific to the German Shepherd Dog, all in one location.

GSD training / German Shepherd training is an important part of dog ownership

GSD training /German Shepherd training can begin with a young puppy and continue through adulthood

All About GSD Rescue and German Shepherd Rescue

GSD Rescue / German Shepherd Rescue: Dedicated to Providing Homeless German Shepherds a Second Chance

More GSD photos for our visitors

Feel free to view the rotating GSD photos you will find here anytime.

Great GSD Wallpapers - German Shepherd Wallpapers

Here are a few new beautiful GSD Wallpapers / German Shepherd Wallpapers to download to your own desktop and for your own personal enjoyment.

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Enjoy a Few GSD videos - German Shepherd videos

Feel free to watch all sorts of GSD videos here at Total German Shepherd.com

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Submit a Site and Link Exchange Program - Total German Shepherd.com

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Feel free to contact us at Total German Shepherd anytime using this handy form.

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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

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Finding Puppy Names: Simple Tips for Your German Shepherd

Choosing puppy names for your new German Shepherd pup is just one of the first major decisions you will have to make.

Looking for male puppy names, look for more here.

Consider choosing from the many from the male puppy names below when making your decision for your German Shepherd.

Looking for female puppy names or female dog names, look here.

Consider choosing from the many from the female dog names or female puppy names below when making your decision for your German Shepherd.

Looking for unisex puppy names, fit for male or female, then look here.

Consider choosing from the many from the unisex puppy names below when making your decision for your new German Shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd Puppy Stories

Fee free to read German Shepherd puppy stories shared with us by our readers. Have one of your own you'd like to share? Send it to us today.

Puppy Proof your home for Your German Shepherd

Before you bring your new German Shepherd puppy home it is of utmost importance to puppy proof your home.

Kindergarten Obedience is an Important Step in Dog Training Your German Shepherd

Kindergarten obedience is the first step in dog training your German Shepherd Puppy.

Fun and games: just as important to your GSD as they are to you.

Fun and games: you should play with your GSD daily. Playing games or dog training of any kind with your German Shepherd is really good for your relationship.

Dog Ice Cream Recipes - Sure to PLease ANY German Shepherd

Dog ice cream recipes can be just the thing to help cool down hot GSD's any time! Try these recipes out on your German Shepherd and see what you think.

GSD Health Problems - Potential, Genetic & Hereditary

GSD Health Problems are not necessarily found only in German Shepherds.

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) in the German Shepherd

Degenerative myelopathy is best thought to be a autoimmune disorder that results in destruction of the central nervous system.

Canine epilepsy in GSDs - a condition characterized by recurrent seizures.

Canine epilepsy in GSDs does occur. Here is more info about the condition.

Hip Dysplasia Explained in the German Shepherd

Best described, hip dysplasia is caused whenever a laxity occurs in the joint between the femur and pelvis. Hip dysplasia is a complex problem which has troubled the GSD world for quite some time.

Arthritis in the GSD affects millions of dogs worldwide.

Osteoarthritis, or, arthritis in the GSD, affects millions of dogs in worldwide.

Bloat in the German Shepherd is a potentially life threatening condition.

Bloat in the German Shepherd is a potentially life threatening condition and must be treated quickly and immediately..

Panosteitis in the GSD - Panosteitis and Your German Shepherd Dog

Panosteitis in the GSD is a common ailment - characterized by lameness.

von Willebrands Disease and Your German Shepherd

Von Willebrands disease occurs in both humans and animals. This condition is very similar to hemophilia in humans.

Playing frisbee with your German Shepherd

Playing frisbee with your German Shepherd can be lots of fun and great exercise.

Find The Object, A New And Helpful Trick To Teach Your German Shepherd

Find The Object - teaching your dog tricks is a fun way to spend quality time with your dog further creating a close bond between you him/her.

The Importance Of GSD Socialization - The Earlier the Better

The Importance Of GSD Socialization Cannot be Overemphasized

If you can ...

If you can do these than you are approaching the level of development already mastered by your dog.

GSD Poem / German Shepherd Poem - Lend Me A Pup

GSD Poem / German Shepherd Poem - Lend Me A Pup

A GSD Rescue Story - Ally and Tarley

Here is my babies story, I hope we can be an inspiration to all potential GSD rescuers everywhere.

Reputable GSD breeders do not sell their puppies to the first interested buyer.

Responsible GSD breeders list their German Shepherd kennels and litters here.

GSD Trivia, German Shepherd Trivia and Fun Facts

GSD Trivia, German Shepherd Trivia and Fun to Know Facts

German Shepherd Dog Facts

Additional German Shepherd Dog Facts and Tips

GSD signs make great gifts for the German Shepherd lover and owner.

GSD signs / German Shepherd signs - commemorating the black, white, sable and saddleback! Get them quick before they're all gone! They make great gifts!

Dog Supplies - Chews, Toys, Etc.

Dog Supplies - Browse through our new online store for all kinds of dog related supplies and products - Chews, Toys, Etc.!

GSD Calendars - German Shepherd Dog Calendars

Looking for GSD Calendars? Find a large variety of German Shepherd calendars here. Right now you can get FREE Shipping too on all orders over $20!

GSD sports and activities

GSD sports and activities are an integral part of owning a German Shepherd.

Dog Obedience Training and the German Shepherd

Obedience and dog obedience training have been around since the early 1930's.

Solid White German Shepherds | White GSD

White German Shepherds have been around since the beginning of the breed.

Herding German Shepherds have been around since the beginning of the breed.

Herding German Shepherds have been around ever since Max von Stephanitz developed the breed back in 1899.

Dog Shows and the German Shepherd

Conformation Dog Shows and the German Shepherd Dog. Showing dogs and dog training are great dog sports and also a fine art.

Basic Training Principles of Obedience (or any) Dog Training

Basic Training Principles of Obedience (or any) Dog Training - Most Important Rule of all, Be consistent!

GSD Agility Training for the Beginner German Shepherd

GSD agility training can begin at the puppy level with your German Shepherd.

Schutzhund and the German Shepherd

Schutzhund and the German Shepherd : this dog sport measures the dog's mental stability, versatility, ability to scent, willingness to work, courage, trainability and stamina.

GSDs in the News: Newsworthy German Shepherd Dogs

GSDs in the news - Stories from Around the World about German Shepherds in the News

GSDs in the news, continued

GSD's in the news - Stories from Around the World about German Shepherds in the News

This is the Best Work-At-Home Solution for Stay at Home Moms.

Important German Shepherd Links

Our German Shepherd links page contains essential links to other web sites offering important information to this incredible breed - dog training tips, and all sorts of other info.

Additional GSD Resources - German Shepherd Resources

There are many different types of GSD resources which are available for you and your German Shepherd.

More GSD videos - German Shepherd videos

Here are even more GSD videos. Feel free to watch all sorts of German Shepherd videos here at Total German Shepherd.com

Adopt a Senior GSD - Here Are Ten Great Reasons

Here Are Ten Great Reasons to Adopt a Senior GSD. Read On.

Adopting A Service Dog - The BEST Adult Dog You Could Ever Find

If you're thinking about adopting a service dog, or a least adopting a service dog that was accepted for such training, you are in for a special treat.

The Rescue Rainbow Bridge - GSD Rescue

The Rescue Rainbow Bridge

Purina Weight Circles for German Shepherd Charitable Donations

Purina weight circles -donations to various German Shepherd organizations will be made via the contributions of Total German Shepherd.com visitors.

Dog training your GSD should start the very first day you bring your puppy home.

Dog training your GSD involves understanding how your GSD learns, understands and follows commands.

Dog Behavior Corrections & Rewards should be considered BEFORE training begins.

Dog behavior corrections and rewards are an important part of any dog training program.

More GSD jobs discussed - The Working German Shepherd.

Today's GSD jobs run the gamut and all draw on its working dog roots.

GSD search and rescue dogs participate in a wide variety of searches.

GSD search and rescue dogs work mainly as air scenting dogs. Finding human scent is the main objective of SAR.

GSD drug dogs must have a high success rate in finding drugs.

GSd drug dogs dogs are never corrected - only rewarded for correct responses.

GSDs, through an intensive dog training program, excel as service dogs.

Super intelligent, extremely versatile, loyal to no end, the German Shepherd is the world's premier working dog and make great service dogs.

Hearing Dogs are a dedicated assistant to the hearing impaired.

Hearing Dogs will alert their hearing impaired master to important sounds.

A GSD Guide Dog is trained to provide independence to the visually-impaired.

A GSD Guide Dog is a specially trained assistance animal to aid the visually-impaired user.

The Important Role of Obedience Training Your GSD

The Important Role of Obedience Training Your GSD - fun and enjoyment, a well-trained dog, exercise for both of you.

Obedience Exercise Requirements and the German Shepherd

Obedience is just one of many dog competitions that the AKC sponsors throughout the United States and abroad. This is one kind dog dog training in which the German Shepherd competes and excels.

Train Your Dog in Fifteen Minutes a Day - Dog Training Lessons

Train your dog in fifteen minutes a day - dog training needn’t be time-consuming or difficult.

Boredom in dogs can result in common problems or anti-social behaviors.

Boredom in dogs can easily be overcome with a little planning in advance and some dog training and play sessions.

Total GSD Shirts | German Shepherd T-shirt Designs

Total GSD Shirts are the perfect gift for the German Shepherd lover.

Browse our selection of GSD Tshirts and German Shepherd Dog T-shirts.

Looking for GSD tshirts? Our German Shepherd designed t-shirts are among the nicest you'll find.

Search Our Results for Premium Dog Food

Shop for hundreds of dog foods from many different retailers - providing an effortless premium dog food shopping experience.

Dog Insurance Can Help You Pay Your Vet Visits

Dog insurance is really helps whenever any dog owner has to pay for their vet visit. It can help pay for regular visits, shots, surgeries, etc.

Dog Emergency Situations Demand Immediate Treatment of Your German Shepherd Dog

In a medical dog emergency you must get your German Shepherd Dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

"Hot spots" - what are they?

Hot spots can happen in just a matter of hours with no warning of any kind.

Puppy Vaccinations - The Diseases They Prevent and your German Shepherd

Your German Shepherd should receive regular puppy vaccinations.

Deworming Your Dog Is Very Important

Deworming your dog is highly recommended since all puppies will have intestinal worms sometime during their lives.

How does crate training work?

Why do I want to bother with crate training? Crates provide a safe haven for your puppy as it matures and is an invaluable tool for the pet owner.

The Canine Distemper Virus and Your German Shepherd

The canine distemper virus is highly contagious and is transmitted through the air as well as through bodily secretions.

The coated German Shepherd. Also called the long haired German Shepherd.

As far as the GSD standard is concerned, the coated German Shepherd Dog is considered to be a fault according to both the AKC and the International (FCI) breed standard.

Your aging GSD - Your Senior German Shepherds Health

The health of your aging GSD is a consideration that must be thought about as your dog matures.

How do you get rid of skunk odor on a German Shepherd?

How do you get rid of skunk odor on a German Shepherd? What is the best method?

Kidney Disease and Your Dog

Kidney Disease and Your Dog

Tick Control on Your German Shepherd

Tick Control on Your German Shepherd

Worm Transmission in the GSD

Worm transmission in the GSD - Questions Answered

GSD First Aid Kit, An Important Tool to Have Available At All Times

GSD First Aid Kit - an invaluable tool and quite easy to build. In case of a medical emergency or injury they can be help you treat your pet until you can get it to the vet.

Female GSD in heat? How can I tell?

Is my female GSD in heat? How can I tell? Some dogs heat cycles may be shorter than average while other dogs may have longer ones.

Clipping Your Dogs Nails - The Right Way to Do It

Clipping your dogs nails, there is a right way to do it. Read on for more details.

What exactly is "blowing coat"?

What exactly is

German Shepherd Puppy Supplies

German Shepherd puppy supplies - There are many things you'll need to stock up on before bringing your new puppy home. We'll try and list as many as possible to help you plan ahead.

Safe, Effective Flea Control for Your Dog

Safe and effective flea control is possible if you follow the steps outlined in this article.

Canine Zoonoses - diseases that are transferable from canine/feline to human.

Canine Zoonoses (diseases that are transferable from canine/feline to human) can be avoided.

Just exactly what is frostbite? Read more about it here.

Just exactly what is frostbite? How do you treat it? What are the symptoms? Read on for more info.

German Shepherd Ear Taping Tips for the German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd Ear Taping - GSD ear taping procedures.

Annual Fecal Exams Are Highly Recommended

Annual fecal exams and deworming schedules are an important part of keeping your German Shepherd healthy.

Solid black GSD - Black German Shepherd Dogs

A solid black GSD is a very acceptable coat color in the German Shepherd Dog breed.

Canine Demodetic Mange - Causes and Treatments

Canine Demodetic Mange is caused by a mite that lives in the hair follicles of affected dogs and may cause hair loss, irritation and predisposition to a secondary bacterial skin infection.

GSD Development, An Illustrated Guide to the First Year (Plus)

GSD Development - The Puppies Amazing Cycle of It's First Year

Pet Hotline Information - A List of Phone Numbers Every Pet Owner Should Have

Pet Hotline Information - A List of Phone Numbers Every Pet Owner Should Have

The German Shepherd Saddle back

Ask almost anyone what color a German Shepherd is, and they'll describe a German Shepherd saddle back dog with a black mask.

Sable German Shepherds: Agouti or Wolf Gray

Sable German Shepherds may be displayed in many shades.

German Shepherd Dog Health Check Up

A dog health check up and clean bill of health is the most valuable gift you can present to your German Shepherd.

Suggested GSD Vaccinations Schedule

GSD Vaccinations are very important parts of any preventative health care program.

Eye Care for Pets

Eye Care - recommended whenever you notice any problems with your dogs eyes.

Parvovirus: Your Dogs and Puppies

Parvovirus is one of the most contagious and potentially deadly viruses that dogs can become infected with

Herbs For Your Dog

Herbs For Your Dog have also been used to treat animals over the centuries.

Fecal Exams & Deworming Schedule

Dog Fecal Exams & Deworming Schedule

Heatstroke (Hyperthermia)

Severe heatstroke can be deadly and immediate veterinary assistance is needed.

Poisonous Foods for our Dogs

Poisonous Foods for Our Dogs

Holidays and Your GSD

Holidays and Your GSD. There are many potentially dangerous holiday objects to be aware of this upcoming holiday season.

How Old is Your Pet - Really?

Just how old is your dog, really? Chronologically speaking, do you even have a clue?

EPI in the GSD

EPI in the GSD is a medical condition in which the pancreas stops producing enough digestive enzymes to digest food normally

Cancer in the GSD

Cancer in the GSD can be overcome if caught in time.

Dog wheelchairs - German Shepherds in wheelchairs and carts

Dog wheelchairs are designed to help dogs that have problems of one kind or another with mobility.

Reading Pedigrees of German Shepherd Dogs

Reading pedigrees of German Shepherd Dogs is easy to do many items should be self explanatory, still let’s take a moment to look at the various things that make up the pedigree.

Puppy Teething and Your German Shepherd

Puppy teething is an instinctive behavior in all German Sherpherd puppies.

Downed pasterns and the German Shepherd puppy

Downed pasterns? Here is a how to guide for helping your GSD puppy recover.

Puppy House breaking - Your German Shepherd Puppies First Lesson

Puppy house breaking should start just as soon as you bring your GSD puppy home.

A Brief History - The GSD Timeline

Included you will find a brief GSD timeline containing historical events from the past that have been important to our breed.

The GSD Standard - The Breed Standard for your German Shepherd Dog

The GSD standard lists the qualities that compose the perfect German Shepherd Dog. Basically, this is a picture in text of the ideal GSD.

Weaning GSD Puppies - German Shepherd or Other Breeds

Weaning GSD puppies is a natural process for German Shepherd pups and all other breeds.

German Translations for Pedigrees

German Translations of the GSD's papers can bet a pain and not having access to a German-English dictionary can further enhance the problem.



Car Travel Training With Your Dogs and Puppies

Car travel training with your dogs and puppies is something that needs to be done to prepare your dogs for all future trips.

Back Issues for Total GSD Newsletter

E-zine of total-german-shepherd.com

Protect Your Dog During The Cold Winter Months

Try these tips to protect your dog during the cold winter months. Have you ever considered that the cold, frigid winter weather presents the same problems for your dog as it does for you?

Playful puppies - 2 Activities Sure to Keep Your Puppy Busy

Have fun training playful puppies and remember, the more time you put into it now, the more rewards you will get in the future.

Paper training your dog - common problems and solutions

What is paper training your dog? Paper training is when you train your dog to only to

Common house training problems - Common house breaking problems

What are common house training problems? One of the major challenges of dog ownership for anyone is the issue of house training.

How to Correct Puppy Biting Problems In Your German Shepherd puppy

How to correct puppy biting problems in your German Shepherd puppy

Preventing Dehydrated Dogs

Preventing dehydrated dogs is fairly easy and is by far the best thing to do overall.

Coprophagia - Stool eating

Coprophagia, as disgusting as it is to us, it is just as normal as can be to a dog.

Flea products - Flea Control Products: An Important Part of Dog Ownership

Flea products - this is a very important part of any dog owners life. Controlling these little pests is a job in itself. Read on to find out more order your own products right now.

Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made." - Roger Caras

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